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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

There and Back Again

I feel like I haven't stopped for the last seven days.
Starting with straight from work Tuesday, it was this months KI'n'DA meet, down the Great Western as per. Finally got to meet the very lovely and exceptionally hot James Gent. Even got to take him home too.... no, nothing like that .... because ....
Up at 4.15am Wednesday to fly to Newcastle. It was our semi regular group creative day, but we had to fly from Bristol. We arrived at the car park and couldn't actually see the terminal for the thick fog. As we had breakfast, flights were being grounded and cancelled left, right and centre. Except Easyjet. They stick those buggers up in the air come hell or high water. All I could think of was Pam Ann doing her skit about Ryanair being grounded. Of course, we were on Easyjet, so we took off more or less on time.
Wednesday was also the evening I saw The Dark Knight (including fabulous lenticular poster). Long film. Fucking amazing, but I did feel the time. Possibly because I had been up since 4.... Quite scary and horrific too, I thought. I can see why people are on about Heath's Joker. Its in how much he plays it down that makes the performance so incredibly striking. You believe this guy could be out there on the streets. Still unsure about the ending for one character.... but will go see it again soon!
After the film, we met up with the rest of the creatives and I had one quick drink before heading off to bed .. at midnight ... before having to be..
Up at 4.30 Thursday to fly back to Bristol and then came straight back into the office.
Up at 5.00 Friday to get my train as was working in London all day. Sarah & I had lunch at The Ritz, so that I could fully understand the experience and write an effective campaign for them. Hey - it was their idea ... and having been, I see why. Its not just some posh restaurant, its an experience. The food was like nothing I have ever eaten before. Salmon mousse that dissolved on the tongue, lamb that was as soft as butter and what that chef cant do with chocolate aint worth doing. The staff were beyond wonderful too. Our head waiter, always checked out orders and head wines to suggest that complimented each dish. He'd then explain each dish, each drink and give us the details and origins. And, the point of me being there was that its surprisingly affordable! You can get a three course meal for £36 ..... and all of that service comes too. I cant recommend it enough.
Spent Friday night with Rich, playing Indy Lego again. Nearly finished Raiders now......
Saturday was a bit of running around ... went and met up with Ian from Doctor Who Forum in the afternoon, then got a bus across to the O2 to meet up with everyone for Kylie.
Sweet lord. I was 10 feet away from the stage. I got a wave and a wink off the lady herself. And a smile off Will Baker her Gay Husband. *dies* Pics on facebook. David & I then went off to our hotel to crash for the night.
A quick drive round Richmond Hill Park on Sunday (have you been? Its fucking huge!!) and then on my bus back to Cardiff .... non air conditioned bus....... sweated like a pig. Thank fuck Rach called me and chatted most of the way to keep me occupied!
So there we are .... Batman, The Ritz and Kylie ... what a great week!


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