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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

If Only I Could Send This Round My Work....

But I cant really. I just wrote it to ease my frustrations

The Glass Bottle: A Remarkable Invention.
Glass is first thought to have been invented around 3000BC by the Sumerian Civilisation. They mixed silica and sand in very hot forms and found that when it cooled, what remained was glass. Although very differently produced. the process still remains the same today. The glass is consistent throughout the mix, meaning its a thick and durable at the bottom as it is at the top of a bottle. Which is why its fine to use milk, right to the bottom of the bottle! Yes, right to the bottom! So one has to wonder why there are constantly about 8 pints of milk in the downstairs fridge, with only an inch used off the top.
You see, other great inventions, like when Louis Pasteur discovered you could pasteurise milk to keep it fresher longer, then some spark also invented a sealed aluminium foil lid, which means if replaced, it stays fresh longer, and even longer if not even opened before the previous bottles worth is used up! I know, its bloody incredible. And guess what (seriously, you are going to die when I tell you this bit) if you keep it in the fridge .. in any of these states .. it stays fresh longer still! I know!
So to cap it all, can whoever the OCD freak is that insists on only using the top inch of the milk before opening the new one, please stop. Or if genuinely, you believe all the other bottles have gone off so a new one needs opening - don't put them back in the fridge! Empty them down the sink!
If you get really really stuck, ask some of the people upstairs. They may be a filthy bunch of undeserving pigs when it comes to their fridge and kitchen, but they have really gotten the hang of this milk bottle thing. Amazingly.


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