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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Take a Letter, Maria

Dear Duffy,

I am somewhat confused by your request of a meeting.
While I totally appreciate your sentiments, of a meeting on Warwick Avenue, you haven't really stated which town.
I did a search and streetmap gave me 51 different Warwick Avenues in the UK.
I am sure I could easily find the one in Bedford, as I am reasonably capable of finding my way around there.
However, if you mean me to be in attendance in Huddersfield, Liverpool, Quorn or Wednesbury, for example, I really think we should re-schedule as I have never been to those towns and might have trouble finding it. Unless I can borrow a sat nav from somebody, in which case, can you possibly release another single with an actual postcode in it?
Now, i did also Google Map it, and it actually pinpointed Ashworth Road, Maida Vale. I cant say I am totally au fait with the entirety of your request, but did think you mentioned a tube station and this is just around the corner from Maida Vale tube. Shall we meet there?


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