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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Hallowed Ground

This morning, I had to visit the Millennium Stadium.
Where Madonna is rehearsing.
She wasn't on site, as we first thought, but her people were and she is due at 2pm today for a rehearsal.
She arrives with six van loads of security. All staff at the venue are to stay at their desks while she arrives and leaves. Nobody is to look at her. Even the security guards, must look away as she passes. The guards in the bowl itself, must face away from the stage while she rehearses.
And yet, I still worship her. I walked through the doors she uses to get to her area (blacked out of course) and my tummy gave a little wobble and I thought I might be sick.
Finally got an e-mail with my tracking number for my ticket ... should have been delivered today, but since I wasn't home, I shall need to go to the post office to sign for it.
I cant quite get my head around the fact that I am seeing her on the first night of the entire tour. Usually, I know the set list and costume changes inside out before the ticket even arrives on my doormat .. but nobody will have seen this show before me. Everything will be shiny and new, like a virgin, you could say.
I cant wait!


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