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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Long Long Weekend

I have been busy!
Friday afternoon we all trotted along to Sing Along Mamma Mia. While I didn't enjoy it as much as first time, its still well worth a trip. Sadly, its not actually karaoke embedded in the print with helpful sing along bouncy ball on the words, as much as as a PowerPoint presentation of the lyrics, projected onto the bottom of the film from a separate projector. And of course, I was lost with the lyrics and needed the words .... stop looking at me like that.
Saturday was then Madonna day .. hang on .. let me go back a bit first .... You may recall I could only afford the one ticket and was going to be sat up in the rafters, yeah? Well, Friday I got a text from a friend who has contacts with Live Nation and he has 90 free tickets to give away..... yes, 90. So of course, I got hold of anyone I thought was in town and for the price of a bottle of booze, managed to get tickets for Dan, Nick, Mark, Matthew, Maria, Dannii and Gabs ... and gave my old ticket to Cath as I was now going down on the pitch.
The concert was BRILLIANT! Much more entertainment and much less political or religious codswallop. Still a bit confused by the Armenian Gypsies doing a song halfway through and not sure including skipping in your act is wise, but good fun nonetheless. Of course, I cried when she appeared through a splitting video wall (there was lots of good video wall usage ... particularly the video wall tube that descended onto the stage and she performed inside it, laying on a revolving piano while the tube displayed water splashing), cried through the entire song You Must Love Me and again just before the end through emotional trauma. I actually managed to record You Must Love Me as an audio file on my phone, for prosperity. Her re-works of Into The Groove and Vogue were stunning. The set comprised of most of Hard Candy, plus a token song from every album she has recorded in full (IE nought from the likes of Who's That Girl, which only had 4 tracks from her and Something to Remember which was a collection of album tracks, things she has contributed to soundtracks with just a few new songs). The main exception was Erotica, as although Rain's intro was played, that was all.
If she has yet to visit your neck of the woods, grab a ticket .. you wont be disappointed.
Sunday was my long prepared for Quiz Night for my Doctor Who Forum chums. All went v well ... pics are floating around facebook and that, if you want a gander. It was an audio based quiz, with rounds where you had to identify reversed songs, lots of TV themes, lyric based questions .... you know the kind of thing ... and a very poor Doctor Who round, just for fun. I called it the Game of Rassilon, which any fan worth their salt knows means to win is to lose and he who wins shall lose .... none of them cottoned on until it was too late though ... so the losing team won the Doctor Who figures and the winners just got champagne.
We then had a trip down the bay on Monday, where I finally got meet the utterly fabberlus Ali Bongo. We had a drift around the Up Close exhibition to check out the series 4 additions. Captain Jacks coat, a space suit with a skull in it (which is a very bad idea as its very low light in there and next to impossible to count your shadows), a crippled Sontaran - really! Its legs look fucked! I think the forgot to fill the costume with foam or something and its stuck on a pole. And a Hath, on a podium, with three angled mirrors, meaning it looks like its standing on a music box. I was waiting for it to revolve gurgling Truly Scrumptious.
So that's me for you. How are you?


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