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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Gym'll Fix It

So, the last four weeks have been a bit busy, with one thing and another, and my gym time has been the first thing to suffer.
You see, where I have had a lot on, its meant that I have been knackered and wont go when I am tired as I don't seem to benefit from it. Then there have been a few occasions when I have gone, and found it so busy, there are no machines available. So I have skipped about a bit, looking ..well .. like a poof frankly ... and given up, had a steam and a shower and come home. It is with this in mind that I am thinking of changing gyms. Largely as the other gym I am looking at is on the same roundabout as my current one, is another hotel - but just happens to be where the BBC put guest actors for any of the Who shows. But also I am forced to consider if being a member of any gym is worth my while.
I keep an eye on my actual weight and have spotted a pattern. When i am good and gym every other day, my weight is either 12 stone 10 or 11. When I am crap and don't get there (and this includes a full three week break, the first week of which was Disneyland Paris - ergo eating shite) I maintain 12 stone 12 or 13. So three lots of 70 mins per week, and 52 quid for the month, is making a maximum of 3lbs difference.
Do you ever ask yourself why?


  • At 6:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I've just ended my gym membership for similar reasons. I was doing really well at one point (I'll never be - or want to be - buff, but it was better than usual), but then my job changed and my time for going to the gym vanished. Or rather, my energy levels after going to the gym vanished. So in the end I decided it was £42 a month better off in my pocket, and if I do get the odd chance to go I'll just shell out the door fee.

    Of course the downside to this is that I now feel like a slob, no matter how busy or physical work gets...

    John, Letchworth


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