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Friday, 5 October 2007

Til Death Do Us Part

I just cant stop watching this. Its an old Madonna album track from Like A Prayer. Allegedly written about her marriage to Sean Penn. I cant put my finger on what the addiction with this video is.. its either the hot husband, the oh so American soap acting (just watch him shake her by the shoulders .. that'll bruise.... not) or the cute little bobbing along to the music 'she' does in the close ups. See what you think.

Then of course, there is the small matter of my own engagement. Its been 18 months since Dan asked me to officially become his civil partner. Fuck I still hate that. Sounds so cold. I am sticking with marry and bollocks to it. So anyhoo, we had a date to work towards of June 28 2008. This was before flues collapsed necessitating new boilers, clutches fell apart and washing machine pumps gave out on us. And of course, we are in the Christmas leg now too. That said, I am a big believer in Christmas gifts meaning something, rather than just being a flick through the Argos catalogue thinking 'ooh, that will do for Rolf' .... I mean, the solution is in the problem there. If you are only thinking 'that will do' then you aren't really putting your heart and soul into it, so what are you saying to that friend or relative? I think the people I choose to give to are worth more than 'that will do'. Take Rach's birthday present this year - she vaguely mentioned how she loved the tv show Miss Match but it seemed to have vanished without trace. Dan & I looked up the episodes, sourced them online and made her a complete dvd set. It didn't cost us a great deal of money, but we put thought time and effort in. I know for a fact that Rach was blown away by it - and its something that cant be bought anywhere else, so will always be personal from us. But back to weddings......
We could do this next year still, if we sort it out with the incredibly unhelpful fuckwits at Cardiff registry office. I get the distinct impression that the woman there is against same sex marriages .. at least I hope that's it. I'd hate to think she was as short and impersonal with every couple she deals with. We could then do a short ceremony, in an office somewhere with a handful of chums. I'd like to do something a bit bigger than that but really don't care for putting lots of money into a big show. That money could be sending me to Florida, California or New York after all.
I do find that people don't seem to understand that I don't want and cant afford a big wedding. People react from crestfallen to downright indignant when I say there is going to be no big ceremony, no big reception, if you want to come to the meal you have to pay for your own and any party we do throw will just be in a scout hut probably. Well they can all suck my dick. Its OUR wedding and we shall do it our way. My actual friends seem to get that, a lot of the casual hangers on (casual mates, work colleagues and such) don't.
So, next year, 2009, 2010 ... who knows at the moment. But it wont be a big affair, will probably have some kind of sci fi theme attached, a meal at somewhere reasonably priced and a disco at night with a finger buffet that I will probably cater for myself. Your invite will be in the post.


  • At 3:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Speaking personally, it can be one of the best days of your life, so do it how you want it and sod everyone else. It's your day. Our Ceremony opened with the theme to the Avengers and everyone left to 'We Are Family' - not traditional, but it was the mood we wanted. And don't stress about it - just enjoy.
    John, Letchworth

  • At 10:30 am, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    Ah yes, i remember your ceremony ... I was sat in traffic at the time ... still, the meal was nice and you and Steve looked great!


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