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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Marginal Success

You may be familiar with my boiler and car troubles. And also that I am working to not spend money because I can, so that we can have a new boiler and get my clutch fixed.
Its almost working.
Usually, my bank account is empty a good two weeks before I get paid ... but this month, just two days prior to payday, I still am £60 up. So only another £1140 to go! At the current rate, we can have heating and hot water again in about .. ooh ... May 2009! Marvellous. The clutch on the car could then be fixed properly in the July. Wicked.
And that heating would be dead handy right now. In the last 36 hours, its gone from still thinking about being an Indian Summer to fuck-me-its-almost-October-and-Autumn-so-best-get-colder-with-unfeasibly-bright-sun weather. Right before our holiday to Disneyland Paris next week. Like, it couldn't have held out for just 10 days? As a favour for the shitty July we had? No? Oh well, fuck ya! Still, I expect we shall have great time regardless ... bear in mind last time we were in Paris it was under three inches of snow, so its bound to be warmer than that.

Of course, this Friday is the Big Prince Night Out. Its all sorted. I am on the 3.00 Megabus to London and Rach will already be snoozing at the hotel when I arrive. We can then chill before heading over to the O2 for the main gig and then the aftershow. Psyched doesn't even cover it.

Then Monday is Dan's birthday. So I will give him the @&^$%£ £$% %$"*&% (&% I got him from the ^$^$( ^%£!"*( and the &$"*^%$)%$" from *^£$&&% &^$")& that I managed to obtain for him on Sunday before we head off to stay at Mark's ready for Monday morning. Then of course, he has his character breakfast booked for Tuesday and the of course &£$% & £$&""$ will be %"*))(*^$ (&^ ^&%$£(^ to &%$^ *$. Which I hope he will be thrilled about.


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