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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Odds n Sods

So I have not really told you of my adventures these last few days.
Last Wednesday was a biggie. Creative Day in Manchester.
This meant up at 5.00 to drive up there for a 10.30 meeting, followed by a Chinese buffet (oh lord I am a slave to the crispy duck), an intimate gig by The Proclaimers (not really my thing, but given it was a crowd of about 250 people, it was a rare opportunity and glad I went. I have a very poor video clip of I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles on my phone now. You just have to sometimes) before I flounced off to finally do Canal Street.
Now, my experiences of Canal Street are tales told me by people who have frequented, or what I saw on the UK Queer As Folk series. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but really liked it. Being a weds night, it was quiet, and I had been told that Churchills was likely to have patronage to my tastes. If only it hadn't been mostly closed for refurbishment. There was a small section open but it had a lot of women in it. A cute cub did come in, as did another with his mate/bf ... but when towards the end of my first drink Celine Dion came on the video jukebox, I took my cue and vacated the vicinity. Given I had been up since 5, lasting til 11 was pretty good going for me, frankly.
Isn't it great though that the main Gay area is called See? Anal Street......
Toby then came down for the weekend. He needed a break for reasons that really aren't my beeswax to air in public. Hopefully, we helped with that. We did take a trip up to Cyfaltha Castle for a troll around the grounds, which was v pleasant. We introduced him to Heroes too. Always a good thing.

Then last night, a documentary about my Dad aired on Channel 5 (The Man Who Dream the Future). To be honest, they didn't show him at his best and I am so totally going to have to have words with him about what he wears next time he is going on national television, but it was fair and unbiased in any direction, so it really left the viewer to decide, which i think is good.

We are now less than two weeks from The Big Prince Night Out and Disneyland Paris! YAY


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