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Thursday, 4 October 2007


Yes, that's how I am feeling today. Sympathy neither required or desired though.
Its a busy week at work, which is a good thing, but being a 'creative' it can leave me more than a little drained. I am sure a lot of writers feel the same. Especially if its a job you are doing as necessity rather than 'fuck me what a cracking idea for a script I've just had' which tends to be exhilarating. Writing for car sales, car boot sales, LPG car conversions, bike shops and carpets sales events just isn't exciting. Even if you do then hear your work being blasted out to 400,000 listeners across Wales as an outcome.
Vibes to young Pete and his family too please. Not my story to tell, but Mrs Pete could do with the love. Thankee sai.
So here is a scruples style question for you. You are spending a week staying at the house of a very close friend. You also happen to have a casual shag in their area. They are cool with you having people over to get your end away. You have said person over while your mates are out at work. Person then asks about popping over one evening, your mate says its fine. You then spend the entire evening in the bedroom with your fuck buddy (say about 4 hours worth) so don't really see your mate that night, but they are in. Are you being rude?
My answer is not at all, if that mate has told you already that they are ok with this. This was what happened last night at mine you see. Richie is here this week (goes home tomorrow, came back with us last Friday) and he chats to a young chap up the valleys (who is hot as hell) and he popped over last night. I thought very little of it, but Rich has sent me a text just now saying he feels it was rude of him to vanish for the whole evening .. they surfaced eventually after Dan & I went to bed. I don't think it was rude at all. If anything I was happy for him. Maybe if he hadn't been down for a whole week but just a day or two, that would be different. But we spent all weekend hanging out, and Monday a& Tuesday evening too - then will have tonight before he heads off as I leave for work tomorrow. So its not like I haven't spent quality time with him. No, not that kind of quality time. It would be like copping off with a brother. Just wondered what other people thought.
Of course, the bigger question is, should the sitch arise, is it now wrong for me to cop off with Adam? Would it be like sleeping with your brother/sister in law? Rich & Adam aren't dating, just mates. But they probably would date if they didn't live in London & Wales respectively. There are few places I wont go .. but pissing on a close friends playground is one of them. Not that i am into pissing on people. Well, there was one time .... but then he asked me if next time he could wear a nappy and call me daddy while I fucked him .... so we didn't meet again.
Then of course there is the man in Swansea who messaged me out of the blue with a very very dirty message about what he would like to do to me. The phrase fuck pig came into it. As did squeal piggy squeal weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Not decided on whether I will pursue that as yet, but have sent equally filthy responses. Until he said he wanted to Bert me. This involves him fucking me, the wiping his dick on my forehead giving me a shit mono brow ala Bert from Sesame Street. He is, of course, assuming I don't prepare for such action and make sure I am clean down there first. Vile.


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