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Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Its taken me over 24 hours to tell you about this, because I was too excited.
Possibly the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, happened yesterday.
I got an e-mail from Madonna.
Seriously, actually from my Queen herself. The woman who has styled who I am, the man I have come to be, since I was 13. The Icon I have stood by all my adult life, regardless of press backing or slacking.... good times and bad.
No, I am not telling you what it said or pasting it here. Its my precious!

On a related note, that i am sure Madonna would be proud of ... poop. (honestly .. check the link to her blog .. it gets mentioned a lot!)
On Sunday, Smeagol was sick on the window ledge. I cleaned it up, bleached and such ... and as i always have done, flushed it away. But its only gone just round the U bend and stuck there. So now, water does trickle away.. but very slowly. So lets say its fine to number 1, but we cant do much else in there.
We have donned rubber gloves and had coat hangers, wires and metal things down there trying to clear it. Nada. Largely as we have a vertical 180 degree U bend ... so we can't get anything round the bastard thing
I have scoured three large supermarkets looking for a cleaning product to shift it. There is a huge range of sink and drain unblockers, for a variety of situations including, hair, grease, pasta and vegetables. Even options for slow trickling and standing water. All state not for use in toilets. How the fuck is anyone supposed to unblock a toilet?
So we tried one anyway .. and it did nothing, so now we need to get an expert in.
At least the new boiler finally gets fitted tomorrow.


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