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Monday, 8 October 2007

Robbed I Tell You!

That was my initial reaction to Ugly Betty season 2 opener.
Its three weeks later, everyone seems to be ok, we have no explanation as to how Christina & Amanda got out of the cupboard, we dot really see the aftermath of Daniel & Alexis' accident, Santos is alive, well and wandering around with his (clearly shaved) chest out? I vaguely had the scent of a rodent at the conversation between Justin & Betty about Hilda never leaving her room, but it passed swiftly with the scene of Amanda & Marc (he looks like the kind of queer that would spell it with a C just to be a bit gayer, even though he was given the name with a K) and Amanda's swinging adopted parents. Its that or the cat did a shit and it came through the wall to greet us... I cant recall. Either way, by the time we ht the reveal, I had been hoodwinked and Dan was a flood of tears.
Of course, the scheduling of this season intrigues me. Usually, the UK channels hold back on the new season stuff until January so that we can have the full 20 odd ep run in one hit. Given Channel 4 are only about 10 days behind the USA on new UB eps, we are going to have to break with them for Christmas, November and February sweeps etc .... unless production is so far ahead that we can run right through as the season is mostly in the can already, which I don't think is the case. We shall see soon enough.
Welcome back Betty. I miss you when you aren't around.
Not much to say about the weekend. Saturday and Sunday were pretty much chill out days. Michelle has come to stay for a few days. And that really is about it.


  • At 5:45 pm, Anonymous Neil said…

    I didn't realize that you guys are watching American shows so soon after us. Send more of your shows here. Yours are always funnier.

  • At 8:02 am, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    I'll see what I can do .... of course, you get Doctor Who & Torchwood, which are the best ones we have ...


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