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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

We're Here, We're Queer .. but we wont come out if its raining.

Yes, Pride was cancelled.
To be fair though, I saw photos of Cooper Field and it looked like a lake with odd bits of grass in it.
So all the acts were quickly snapped up by Pulse nightclub who were having their own party ... but of course you had to then fork out for another ticket to get into their area of Churchill Way. Unless you just stood by the Capitol Centre, Nat West or British Gas, where you actually had a better view than the paying punters anyway.
This did mean that I didn't have access to the schedule though, so had no idea when Jaki Graham was on, and didn't want to stand there all day watching the drag acts, waiting for her to appear ... so had to leave that dream unfulfilled for now.
We met up with a lot of our DW Forum chums, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday .... evidence of which is now on Facebook, natch.
Selected tales include ... watching a rugged youth being arrested outside the Minnellium Stadium from the safety of a first floor window in the pub .... guessing passers by personal history's with t'other Paul ..... a few nice trips down the bay for food and stuff ..... retiring to our place with Nick, Ally & Ian to take the piss out of cheesey music videos and Time and the Rani ..... and trying to keep out of the rain of course.
But considering I had last week off and did nothing .... I aint half bloody knackered!


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