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Monday, 19 November 2007

Cruising, Crashing & Dusting

I just received a mail from some bod in our group I have never heard of, thus:
Hi everybody,
I am seeing a cruise company this week with a campaign for which will command direct response.
Does anybody have any successes with Cruise companies I could use a testimonial to prove direct response??
If not something similar would be great.

And I am so tempted to reply that we cant advertise that sort of thing on air! And what would that testimonial be?
"I am Jeff, and I regularly hang around the local park at 11pm, looking for men to perform orally with. I first had success advertising my wares on Real Radio in 2005. Usually, I would cop off with around 3 different guys a week, but after advertising where and when I would be on the radio, I found queues had formed before I got there. I was so astounded by the response, I now take my 17 year old son out with me to help with the demand and have to wear a nappy during daytime hours to avoid seepage"

Of course Friday was the event that was Time Crash.
Fuck me. Came in my pants. Twice. If you haven't seen it, its on the BBC website until Friday only! I could rave about it in minutiae detail, I loved it that much .. but I shan't. Yet anyway.
And last night we saw Stardust. A charming we film that has just the right mix of magic, mystery and chuckles to keep all of them going. Its nothing you probably haven't seen before, in a variety of other guises and places, but cute enough to keep you entertained throughout. Particular mention goes to Robert De Niro - but you'll have to peruse the flick to see why - it would spoil it if I told you!
My only minor quibble: Why cast such great talents as the dead Princes if all they are going to do is watch and clap on the sidelines?

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