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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

With a Bang

Fireworks. I love them. But they are a bit scary frankly. The last four nights have been a host of bangs, crashes and flashes all around the Aber valley. Poor Smeagol has been terrified and has barely left the attic. And given his poop tray is still empty, I am a bit scared as to what he is doing up there.
Of course, I was working with the Real Patrol on saturday for Cardiff's official firework display. This mostly involved swanning around in front of the stage and the VIP area taking pictures of presenters, clients and performers. Oh, and having our breakfast team getting 10,000 people to laugh at how I run. To be fair, its a bit girlie.
We had Tori White, Billiam, Journey South and Merrill Osmond on stage and they were all brilliant. And no, until then I had never heard of Tori or Billiam either but will be keeping an eye on them in the future.
My cold is finally seeming to shift, but Dan has got worse again. I badgered him into staying off work today, so hopefully a days rest will help.



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