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Thursday, 1 November 2007


Meet Bruce the pumpkin. I name them every year. Its just something I do.
Sorry about the shit spacing. Fourteen fucking attempts at editing and it either sticks it in one stupidly long left hand column or leaves fucking great gaps. And I am pissed off now and don't care.

Of course, the big question was when to celebrate Samhain. Some texts will have you believe that it needs to be November 1st, so that it sits nicely opposite Beltane as May 1st.

I don't follow that school. Celebrate on October 31st - the Pagan New Year, when the veils between worlds is thinnest as the old year dies and the new is born. Prompting the Pagan fearing Christians of yore to nick the day as their own with All Saints Day. When they celebrate all that is good and right about those holy people. Shaznay, the twins and the other one.


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