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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Dream a Little Dream

I have been having very vivid, rememberable dreams the last few nights.

Dream one went like this: I was a kind of floating spirit, following some child who was living in a derelict building in china or japan. She was about 8 or 9 and had a red coat and a pale pink woolly hat on. I followed her up the stairs, which had flaky cream painted walls. At a certain point the stairs are all demolished, but she does something to produce a ladder .. I think it was make a noise or something, anyway, she climbs up the ladder into an apartment where she is living in hiding and she pulls the ladder up after her. Oriental modern day pirates were after her though and they managed to follow her and get up the ladder. I could communicate with her telepathically and warned her to hide out on the window ledge. But even after she used some odd power to incinerate them, their skeletons kept fighting. After I managed to break the skeletons on the floor, I went back into the room (I am still a floating spirit or energy creature bear in mind) and they had taken her from outside. Then i was at home and it was raining in every room of the house. And home was exactly as it is in real life. I can remember trying to plug up leaks in the attic roof, then it occurred to me that it would be raining on the ground floor, if the roof was the problem.

Dream 2: We had a massive round pool in our house. Not the house we have now, it was a different one. It was more like a mansion actually. Anyway, we had a huge round pool, it was very Gothic on design .. like old Victorian baths. At either end of the room were steps up to tiled ceramic areas that had men's and women's steam rooms. The pool could be used a massive Jacuzzi too. The pool itself was a good 30 feet wide, with a large bronze feature on a round tiled plinth in the centre and there were many taps and air jets there. We had loads of people over (like about 60 or 70 and there was plenty of room!) and some weren't wearing anything to bathe... and Scissor Sisters were there. Jake and Ana were naked, but Babydaddy had shorts on and I was trying to get his attention, but he just seemed annoyed with me bothering him, so I just sat in a crowded steam room with him and Del, listening to a new record of theirs as they worked out if they were happy with the guitar track on it. (this was up in the steam room, and there were about 20 others too). Babydaddy was just upset because the love of his life had left him. I could remember the name earlier, the initials were A M. It was old fashioned sounding like Albert Marle or something. Albe Marque? Oh cant remember .. anyway, the steam suddenly vanished and aside from me, everyone was dressed and left. So I found Dan and we were just filling up the pool again with hot water and put a film on our huge plasma screen and floated about watching it.

They lock people up for less.
Still no Scissor Sisters dvd .. despite pre ordering specifically so I wouldnt have to wait for it.


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