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Monday, 29 December 2008

The Bit Inbetween

Christmas already seems like it happened many months ago ... just me?
We had a very quiet affair. I finished work at 1.00 on the Eve, and was dashing off to get Dan, then go to Newport to pick his mum up and take her to Swansea. It then transpired that the family had already taken her to Swansea, so I could relax.
Christmas Day was another day to ourselves .. as was Boxing Day actually. The only person I even spoke to on the phone was Rachel!
Dan did me some wonderful presents, and managed to track down lots of my favourite tv shows from way back when and obtain every possible ep he could to make as full collections as humanly available. I also had a few Tinkerbell related goodies, which delighted me no end!
We hadn't got a turkey, as it seemed a bit much for two of us, so we had a chicken ... and a bottle of pink champagne that after one sip, I politely pushed to one side and got myself a diet coke instead.
I'm not really sure what happened after that. Ohh, no .. I remember now ... I went for a walk. Dan didn't fancy it so I went for a yomp down to the shop and back for an hour. Just to get off my lardy arse really.
Watched a bit of Harry Potter and then some Wallace and Gromit, before getting ready for the amazing disappointment that was The Next Doctor.
Now there are those who don't like fluffy camp nonsense for a Xmas ep and see that as an excuse or whatever .. but generally, that doesn't bother me. What does bother me is being bored. And I was. It just seemed to be a handful of concepts strung together with a flimsy bit of running about and angst. And it didn't even deal with its own set up particularly well. Did we ever actually work out what the deal was with Miss Hartigan and the Cybermen? Or why they seemed to have a cyber controller with a human brain, as they did back in series 2, but had painted some of his face black? And what were the Cybershades? Had they converted Hot Gossip while in the void by accident?
I have to say, I have never for a second believed that David Morrissey (whom Id not seen in anything before that I could think of ... but rather cute .. and hairy ... ooh yeah) was a time lord, let alone the Doctor. All this guff because he had a fob watch .... well lots of people did back then .. duh! Bizarrely though, I didn't actually cotton on to him being Jackson Lake until the reveal. Quite how I missed that I'm not sure.
And what about Rositta? Where did she come from? Sure, there was the very veiled reference to her being a lady of the night .... but that didn't quite tie in with the whole confused identity thing .. was it just a religious dig, ala wotserface Magdalene? Perhaps. But I cant see that Jackson Lake would see his wife killed and son kidnapped and think, sod this, I'm off to get my end away ... or that the Doctor, based on his interpretation of the memories, would arrive in London and think, 'ooh time to get me some ass'
And do not even start me on the Power Rangers ending. Although its nice to see The Iron Giant get some more work.
I did giggle like a loon at the abundantly silly Doctors on a rope chase (with soap merchandise to follow). Grinned whole heartedly like a ming mong at the 10 Doctors montage. Then there was that beautiful moment .... the companions leave him and break his heart. That alone was worth the previous 58 minutes.

It was back to Other Job Saturday for a 2-10 shift ... reasonably dead ..... although I did have great fun teasing the poor valleys scum who came to see Australia. Along these lines...
Scally: Can I have 2 tickets to Australia butt?
Me: No this is a cinema, not an airport.
What larks!
I did kick out a gang of unruly feckwits, who had tried to start on another bloke in the queue. He totally took the bait and it took his girlfriend, myself and another lady in the queue to calm him down. The kids tried to get in for a further hour, but since neither Shelley or I would serve them, they eventually buggered off. Such a shame .... Most people up the valleys are so lovely, genuine slat of the Earth types ... then you get the Valleys Scum Chavs who ruin it for everyone.

Last night we popped down Kay;s for an hour .. and stayed for 4. Will has been given an Elmo Live for Christmas. Possibly the most amazing toy ever. At about a foot and half in height, it stands, sits, tells jokes and stories, sings ... and .. wait for it .... it does Jazz Hands! I want one.

What day is it? Oh Monday ... fuck .... New Year still seems ages away, not just 2 days ...... I hate this bit inbetween.


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