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Tuesday, 20 November 2007


You may or may not be aware of the current furore surrounding JJ Abrams Cloverfield project ... well, I say its his but he is actually only really producing it. Its written and directed by two other people altogether.

It has been a big viral marketing campaign, with teaser trailers, rumours, spin off/fake websites to search for and decipher for clues to the actual plot of the movie ... all a lot of stuff and nonsense really. But I am hooked, natch. I am the man hype was made for.

Anyhoo, with the release of the first trailer proper over on Apple yesterday, everyone is flapping over a slight glimpse of said beastie that is the cause of the kerfuffle in the film. Lots of people are talking about it being alien/lizard/Godzilla but nobody else seems to have spotted what I found ... a face. Can you see it? Looks like a cross between those Dinosaur folk from that episode of Voyager and a Graske to me.
While on the trailers I also found this delight.
Usually a big supporter of anything Disney, I am amused by that typeface. And think they have a point ... which reminds me .. time to dig out the Christmas Police Uniform as decorations have started appearing in the village.


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