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Thursday, 29 November 2007

All Clear

All cleared at the hospital and just needed my Engerix B booster (Glaxo Smithkline branded Hep b jab .. I sold it for a living back in the late 90s)
Then, heading back to the office, I had to stop for a few moments at an obscured junction.
They were only flipping filming Doctor Who!
I said hello to Catherine Tate! She said hello back!
They were filming her running up to a camera, checking her watch and running off. But there was also a red jeep rigged up for cameras and the black London taxi there too. I overheard the director (my dads mate Graeme Harper) talking about getting passer by reactions to squeals of brakes too. Got a few rubbish pics from where I was waiting to pass .. will post them later.


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