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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Its Tuesday.

Interesting weekend.
Finally got some very nice photos of myself and Dan taken.
Not really suitable for public consumption ... not all filth as such but we are wearing leather trousers and harnesses, so kind of specialist.

And last night I finally got around to the first three episodes of Heroes series 3 ... and all I can say is meh.
The world seems to be talking about them like they were the finest three hours of television but it was really only very average at best.
I did thoroughly enjoy the first ep of Eli Stone last night. It appears to be something of an Ally McBeal alike, but since I have only ever seen about 2 eps of that, I cant say that this worries me. And its nothing to do with the fact that it stars the altogether yummy Jonny Lee Miller, or that he gets his chest out in the first 20 minutes. No siree.
Maybe it helped
But it was good all the same.

The wonderfulness that is Nick came to visit this weekend. I asked for a few minutes of his time to figure out why Dan's pc kept freezing ... which turned into his entire weekend working on it and a trip to Bristol to get parts!! Cant say how grateful we are for that!

The first of my siblings to get married has her wedding this weekend .... I am hoping to be there but not sure I have the cash for the fuel .. plus my tyres are almost bald so a run like that may not be entirely safe (and certainly cant afford new tyres this side of payday). I'll be gutted to not be there though.

And did I mention I have started writing my autobiography? I was so bored at Showcase the other week, I just picked up a pen and paper and started scribbling. Had three pages before I realised what i was doing. I'm sure I'll not finish it, but there you go.
And who the hell would want to read it?

And what a crap title for a post. Just couldn't think of anything really.


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