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Thursday, 25 September 2008


Don't you just love em?
Good job Dan does.
Twas his birthday yesterday and because I am a total fool, I hadn't booked the night off from Showcase, so betwixt Proper Job and Other Job, saw him for a grand total of 23 minutes, split between morning and evening.
I know. I should be fired.
However, I had made plans......
I very craftily managed to get cash to his team mates, who decorated his desk and bought him cards, and gifts and the biggest cookie in the world ever known to humankind*. He had great fun getting it all home on the bus.....
I had also managed to get him a complete set or original Power Rangers figures to go with his Zords he has been collecting. It had to be a mix of original series and movie figures, but its close enough.
Plus of course, we celebrated at the weekend because Mark, Lyanne & Andrew came down to visit! Hurrah! They have all recently been converted to the cause (ie are now Doctor Who fans) so they got the full tour. Plus we had a meal in the evening at Ba Orient (aka the location of the Lady Cassandra's birthday party, where Chip dies, in New earth) which was lovely and Mark paid for all of us!!!! The fool! We then had a go on the big wheel ..... but all so full of food its a miracle that we didn't spew when the men on it kept spinning our cage. I was grabbing the central wheel very hard to stop the spinning and to my own surprise, managed it! Its amazing the strength you can muster when fear is a factor.
Mark & Andrew also bought us a new phone for the house........

*not a guarantee


  • At 12:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You were quite lucky getting that phone dear. Matt and I saw it last Wednesday and was thinking of buying it ourselves but couldn't decide where to put it so left it there.



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